Fairchild Cosplay

Hey guys!

It’s been a while! Rose City Comic Con is quickly approaching and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for it! I have two costumes that I’m making from scratch, and another that I’m both pondering and/or designing.

Currently, I’m working on Pidge from Voltron and Sucy from Netflix’s Little Witch Academia, which is amazing by the way and you should all go watch it. For Pidge, I bought some colored fleece from Joanns, a long auburn wig and round glasses from Wish.Com, and I might either pick up some shorts from Walmart or wear a pair of my boyfriend’s shorts. I’m not very good at making pants that fit my bum.

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While working on Sucy, I tried to get my fabric at Walmart, which is a lot cheaper than Joann’s. However, their variety and selection is extremely lacking so I did end up buying my fabric from Joann’s. I got a silky dress material and used the backside which was matte and the exact color that I wanted. I ended up making the vest of this outfit twice. The first one I made from altering a vest pattern for me, but it just did not come together well and the constant altering made it look strange. So using that at a pattern, I remade the vest and the second iteration ended up looking so much better. I ordered her wig off Amazon, which is typically what I do with wigs, and it’s worked out pretty well for me so far.

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What are you guys working on now?

Here is my very first attempt at a short film. It could use some improvements in all areas, but I’m very proud of how it came out. I’ll definitely be making more cosplay short films in the future, so look forward to them!

Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday. I would give up my birthday and Christmas for two extra Halloweens. So, I really wanted to make a Halloween video and wanted to incorporate my love of cosplay. So who better to cosplay in a Halloween video? The Queen of Scaredy Cats, Usagi Tsukino!

I wanted to thank all my friends for helping me with this, Cosparade, Sadie, Michelle! And a super special thank you to The Providence Academy in Vancouver, WA for allowing me to use their property to film the video.

The Providence Academy:


Hey Guys!

I’m so excited to review this costume from the costume website Role Cosplay, which has a wide variety of costumes for Cosplay or Halloween or anything you can think of. I got a size L which has a range of sizes/measurements that it’ll fit. I don’t usually order a Large size, but it’s always prudent to order a little bigger when buying costumes online.

The quality and accuracy of the costume exceeded my expectations. The fabric is sturdy and soft, and the costume looks like the anime it came from, Sailor Moon, in this case. The shipping was pretty fast, taking about a week, which is reasonable considering the fact that the costumes come from overseas.

This specific costume is the Sailor Moon Serena Tsukino 5 Version Sailor Suit Uniforms Cosplay Costumes which is currently $58.56.

Role Cosplay’s Website: http://www.rolecosplay.com/
If you use this link instead, it’ll let them know that you came from my video: http://www.rolecosplay.com/?utm_source=tracking3316

*They sponsored the costume to me, minus the shipping, however I only said and say what I believe in.


This Saturday, my friend Sadie and I went to the Rose City Comic Con. It was a ton of fun, and it was much bigger and far more rewarding than last year. There were so many amazing cosplayers and a ton of really great artists and vendors! I ended up buying that Nerf This tank top! Right after the con, I got on a plane and flew down to visit my dad for what’s left of my summer, and got to see my puppers, Thorin.



Hey FairChildren!

This weekend, Cosparade and I went to the Uwajicon being held by the Uwajimaya nearest to where we lived, which happened to be in Oregon, at the Beaverton location. Out of all the cons I’ve gone to this season, this one has been my favorite so far.

We glued an eye patch, sword, and ring back together, handed out a hairtie to help with a wig, a safety pin for a boot cover, and some fashion tape to hold gloves up. Being Molly the Maid was super fun. One of the most fun experiences I’ve had. Looking forward to being her more often.



This week I went on my first photo shoot with a photographer who was not Light Seeking, in an attempt to broaden my horizons and expand the variety in my cosplay portfolio. I had such an amazing time, and the photographer Jeremy Blair was amazing at what he does. We went to these gorgeous ruins in the middle of a forest and took a bunch of photos and video and I’m absolutely thrilled with the experience. While we were there, a metal band came to film their music video in the same ruins as us and it was super interesting to meet them!

My good friend, CosParade had the foresight to recommend that I film parts of the photo shoot to share with you guys, and I’m so glad that she did! So please, enjoy!

Guys! I’m D.Va! I’m so stoked!

Zentai Zone sponsored** me a custom sized D.va body suit from their store, this one is the updated one with the neck details. It’s super comfortable, fits like a glove, and you can be I’ll be running around the house all day yelling Nerf This and throwing Doritos at people.

Quality – This suit is perfection. The material is the perfect amount of stretch, breathable, and really soft against the skin. The decals and design work are perfect, even considering that they had to size all the details to my particular bottom heavy body shape. The attached gloves and socks are really comfortable and durable and the zipper up the back is sewn on expertly. This updated version added the neck piece so it’s now remarkably accurate to the game design.

Comfort and Mobility – I can run around the house and make all sorts of ridiculous poses without feeling too squeezed, or the fabric at the elbows and knees cutting off circulation to my limbs.

This is one of the most amazing parts of the costume. You can enter your exact measurements into their website and by golly, do they make the suit fit you to perfection. I’m small up top and larger on the bottom, and most things don’t fit me right, but this was shockingly accurate to my measurements.

You can check them out at http://www.zentaizone.com/ and the particular body suit that I’m wearing is http://www.zentaizone.com/lycra-spandex-d-va-zentai-costumeupdated-p-950.html

**All opinions expressed in this video are my own, and while the outfit was sponsored, I only said what I believe. 🙂

Betoyo Bento was super kind and generous enough to send me a free box for August so that I could review it and show you guys what it’s all about. The box was super cute and the items were really good quality. I really enjoyed making this unboxing video and I hope that my review of their services is helpful to you guys! Let me know what you think!

If you guys want to check them out, here’s their link: http://www.betoyo.com/

So this costume came to be when a friend of mine told me she was going to a cosplay meet up as Loki Laevatein’s god form from Kamigami no Asobi. I’d never been to a meet up before and so I wanted to wear something that would match her outfit, so we could go together. After binge watching the anime in the span of two days, I quickly got to work on making Yui’s summer outfit from the show.

After a quick trip to Goodwill, I managed to pick up a bed sheet that was the perfect color for the skirt, a white shirt I could modify, and some ribbon scraps from the crafting aisle. I also had some leftover fabric from my Batgirl cosplay that I could use for the gold accents on the sleeves and collar. The buttons I made out of left over clay, and her shoulder design was embroidered by hand with some thread I had bought from when I made a Jolteon tote bag. So all in all I think this costume, not including the wig I got off amazon, was only about $8. Which was great since it was just for a meetup.

In the end, I loved our matching costumes so much, that I insisted we do a photo shoot together and I just love love love how it came out!

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