About Fairchild Cosplay

I'm Drisana, or Fairchild Cosplay, and I am a cosplayer, a seamstress, a gamer, and an avid comic book fan. I've been working with friends and clients to bring a little stitch witchery into the world and sharing it with as many amazing people as I can.

I started my cosplay journey in the summer of 2005, when my father took me to my first anime convention, Fanime in San Jose. I can vividly remember watching the cosplayers walking around the hall with wide, awe filled eyes. But the cosplayer who planted this seed in my heart was a woman who had dressed as a winged elf. She had fully articulated eagle's wings and I was done for. The Cosplay gods had found me and didn't plan on letting me go.

I didn't feel confident enough to begin making my own outfits and costumes until 2012, when I hand sewed together a Princess Serenity cosplay from Sailor Moon. I am beyond proud of that first cosplay, and while there are so many things I could have done better, it was the best first step I could have possibly taken. I leveled up in May of 2015 when, for my birthday, my father got me my first sewing machine. From the moment we got home with it and still to this day, I have been going nonstop creating costumes that make me happy and fill my life with alchemic magic.

I'm so excited to have you along on this journey with me, and I can't wait to see where it takes us!